Electronic – How to mount an LED


Can someone explain to me a good way to mount a 5mm component LED? A little background on the project to help.

I'm working on a prop that will be carved out of styrofoam. I will be using LED's to illuminate recesses of the prop. The LED themselves will be mounted under a foam shelf or in a cavity so they are not visible to a casual view. There will of course be wires running though the interior of the prop to the LED's.

My question though is how to securely mount the LED's to the foam. I don't want them to wobble (the prop is handheld). A LED doesn't really have much surface area and I doubt applying glue directly to the LED is a good idea especially if I ever want to change it. Is there some sort of LED socket I can buy that the LED snaps into? If not how would you go about mounting an LED in a piece of foam?

Best Answer

Can you glue a flat panel to the foam (perhaps a small piece of scrap PC board), then drill a hole for the LED and mount it in an LED holder? That would allow plenty of surface area between panel and foam and the holder http://well-ton.com/image/bph2.JPG LED holder

will be a snap fit to the hole. Secure mounting and allows you to replace the LED if need be