Electronic – How to physically work with a hobby motor


How do I incorporate a hobby-style motor into a project, physically. How do I mount it and connect a wheel to it? (Assume that I have a working H-bridge or even switches, and am not concerned about how to use the motor electrically, just physically.)

I've purchased small, hobby style motors at various times. Typically, they run on 1.5 V to 12 V, and many of them have no built-in gearing (and thus spin really fast with very low torque). How do I connect a wheel to it, or a gear or pully?

Next, most motors of this sort are round. Round! If it was flat on one side, I could glue it down. It looks like they are designed to be screwed into something at the front or back, but I don't know how I'd make a surface to mate to it nor make marks to drill holes through it precisely enough.

What have you found works for when you want to make an electronics project move around on its own?

Best Answer

I would suggest you look at some shapelock. Shapelock.com

You can mold any type of mount you want with this. You could also buy gearboxes that are designed to mount on these hobby motors. But as cheap as they are you may want to consider buying some with the gearbox already attached.

Most hobby supply stores have assortments of wheels, sprockets, gears and pulleys for these or you can find them on ebay.

Good luck and let us know what you build.