Electronic – How to place a 7805 voltage regulator on a breadboard


I have this breadboard and I have started experimenting with pic micros. In doing so I have needed a 5 volt power supply. I have seen several tutorials for wiring up 5 volt regulator circuits on a breadboard, however when I try to hook up the 7805 on the breadboard, the 7805 will not fit on the breadboard. With extra force I can force it on the breadboard, but I assumed this would damage the breadboard. What is a common solution to this problem?

Best Answer

You could solder #22 or #24 wire to the 7805 leads, then poke those wires into thte breadboard.

Alternatively, build the voltage regulator on some perfboard (or just solder things together in mid-air), rather than trying to put the 7805 on the plastic breadboard.