Electronic – How to prevent a Lion Cell Phone Battery from Discharging over 20-30 years


I'm planning to make a time-capsule that is to be opened 20-30 years from today. In this capsule I want to put a cellphone from todays time. With it I want to include the cellphone battery, which is a Lithium Ion Battery. I'm not sure if the battery or even the electronics would survive that long. I was thinking of putting it into a vacuum sealed bag to prevent anything from going in or out.

Would a vacuum sealed bag prevent a battery from discharging?

Best Answer

Does the phone NEED a Lion battery? Could you remove it, and just throw in a USB cable with instructions on how to connect 5v to it? In 50 years 5v will still be 5v.

I'd worry what a battery (ANY battery) will do when stored/buried for 20+ years, it could leak and ruin the contents of the capsule, self-combust, leak acid that will eat through environmental protection of the capsule, etc.

As others have said very long life batteries are available for a price. You could build one of those into a basic USB charger so future generations can power the thing up, and toss the Lion battery.

Oh and remember to write down the unlock code :p