Electronic – How to protect this 48VDC device from overvoltage


I'm powering this isolated DC/DC converter from a power supply that is a nominal 48V, but could potentially reach a maximum voltage of 56V. The datasheet for the converter says that the absolute maximum is 54V. How can I protect this chip from the potential 2V's above it's maximum?

This regulator is being used to power an isolated MOSFET gate driver.

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This is a concept that would typically work, you'd have to run the sums to see if it will work in all possible scenarios.


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Q1 (a DN2540) acts like a resistor of some tens of ohms under normal conditions, so it drops some hundreds of mV typically. If the input voltage rises to allow the 48V zener to conduct, the gate-source voltage decreases to -3.5V and Q1 is guaranteed to be fully off. If the tolerance on the 48V zener is 5% (50.4V max), then the output voltage should not exceed 53.9V (a bit close!).

R2 and the 12V TVS are just to protect the gate (+/-20V abs max) against any transients on the power supply.