Electronic – How to rectify up to 85 kV

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I've recently gotten into eletrochemistry, and I found out that if you break through \$\epsilon_{0}\$ with a high enough voltage you can ionize various gasses. I've already wound a 1:1250 EE core that I plan to operate at 350 kHz on a 25 V supply which should give me 31.25 kV in the arctube, but there's this problem where I think I need to rectify the output and uh, I have yet to see a 50 kV diode.

Is there a way to do it that I'm just not remembering? I thought there was a way to do that back in the vacuum tube days.

Best Answer

There are rectifier stacks that can handle (say) 100kV. Forward voltage might be 120V meaning that they're 100+ individual diodes in series.

Here is some data from a random Chinese supplier (no experience with those guys, but it should give you an idea):

enter image description here