Electronic – How to rotate a part in Altium without an collision error


When I select a component when its rotated 0 degrees, 90 degrees or anything that is a multiple of 90 degrees, I get get a selection like seen below with C62. Notice how the selection highlights the component perfect.

enter image description here

Now when I rotate that component by 315 degrees, the selected component is actually much larger. It doesn't fit the component as tightly as the previous image.

enter image description here

When I move the rotated component near another rotated component, I get a collision error. It's violating the default collision rule of 10 mils.

enter image description here

If I change the rule such that the horizontal and vertical collision value is 0 mils, my error goes away, but I notice that I can move components onto each other without triggering a violation. Which is not what I want.

How I can rotate a part and not generate errors collisions error (when in reality, there is no collision) ?I believe its something to do with that highlighted box it, because the error only happens at the intersection of those boxes.

Best Answer

The solution to this was as @ConnorWolf has mentioned in the comments.

"Too lazy to write a proper answer, but you need to generate 3D bodies for your parts. Altium uses enclosing rectangles to do collision detection if you have not defined a 3D body for the part."

Adding 3D bodies solved this problem when rotating parts other than by 90deg increments.