Electronic – How to select a 2.4GHz chip antenna for a space-constrained environment

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I need to use the DA14580 BLE chip for my project. The problem is for the antenna. The reference design provided for the antenna is only PCB trace that's is too big for my project:

example PCB trace antenna for DA14580

I don't know how to choose a chip antenna instead. The DA14580 need to communicate with my smartphone, as a wearable. So the distance is not really big.

I see that some device use the DA14580 with chip antenna, but I don't find any information about the antennas used for.

I think of using this chip (even if a little big) :


Schematic of DA14580 with antenna

Do you think that will work ?

How to choose a chip antenna for BLE ?

Best Answer

Digikey has plenty to search through - I'm afraid you'll just have to use their parametric search to figure out what works best for you. On a more general note, Texas Instruments has a nice guide for understanding some of the different antenna topologies that are out there:


If you can fit it, I really like the "Inverted-F" and they even provide the footprint to make layout easy. The "Meandered Inverted-F" antenna might be a good bet for your application.