Electronic – How to solve resistance in this circuit?

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I need to find R(AB). It is resistance across terminals A and B.
I really do not know how to solve this kind of circuits. Maybe I have to use transforming from triangle to star? But it is quite inconvinient.
I noticed that on the right side 1 kOhm and 2 kOhm resistors are series. We add them and get 3. But what's next step?

Best Answer

I find for some students, the angled components are visually confusing. Try redrawing the same schematic with only horizontal and vertical components to see if this helps you to analyze it.

For example, if you start on the right and straighten out the 6k resistor, you will notice it is in parallel with the series combination of 1k and 2k. So you have 3k in parallel with 6k for a total of 2k. Now move to the left and you see that this 2k is in series with the 10k. Keep up this procedure to reduce the entire lattice to a single value.