Electronic – How to tell sleeve from sleeve shunt on this connector


I need to change a DC jack to a different one (with long bushing).

I'm not to sure which terminal connector is what from the manufacturer's diagram.

The DC jack is a L712A from Switchcraft (Manufacturer Ref)

And this is the diagram they provide: http://www.switchcraft.com/Drawings/L712A_cd.pdf

How do I tell which one is which?

Edit: Here's a photo of the jack if that's any help:

Edit 2: Photo of the other side

Best Answer

enter image description here

The sleeve shunt will disconnect from the sleeve when you insert a connector. At the bottom of the drawing they make contact. When you insert a connector that will connect to the lower contact. If you follow that to the right and up you see that it has its soldering tab at the top.

Typical use of the sleeve shunt is to connect it via a pull-up connector to V+. If the plug isn't inserted the voltage level at the sleeve shunt will be ground, with the plug inserted it will be V+.

You can also test it by inserting a connector carrying a voltage. You'll measure the voltage between the central pin and the sleeve tab, but nothing between center pin and sleeve shunt.