Electronic – How to test a hex Schmitt trigger


Yay, me…I just got done soldering my first surface mount IC. Because I know how volatile heat can be, and with how close the tip of my iron was to the IC (especially without a socket!), I'd like to make sure I didn't inadvertently fry the IC.

Other than testing the continuity between in/outs, what are some ways to test the other pins on a breadboard before I wire the board into my project?

Best Answer

Apply a logic level to each of the inputs, and see what the outputs give. If they're inverters the output should be 0 V when you apply 5 V (or whatever your supply voltage is) to then input. Connect the input to ground and you should get 5 V out.

It's unlikely that you fry it through the heat of soldering. ICs withstand temperatures of 300 °C on all pins simultaneously for several seconds. ESD may be another issue.

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