Electronic – Identifying Capacitors


I bought a mixed bag of ceramic capacitors from Maplin and I'm struggling to identify most of them. I'm a bit of an electronics newb, but I understood that a capacitor usually has 3 numbers on and sometimes a letter at the end of the numbers. The third number indicates the amount of zeros you add to the first two to get the value in pF. Am I correct?

Well with that in mind, I introduce you to:

alt text

alt text

The first one is a bit blurry, but it seems to have 8P2 printed on it. Next has n51 with Sy below it. The 3rd and 5th ones have a horizontal line under the number, and what might be a number one, or a corresponding vertical line, can't decide which it is. The 4th one seems a bit more clear now that I can see the writing more clearly in the picture – I assume this is 180pF? Finally the last one has 82 on it, is this simply 82pF?

Is there a way to test the capacitance at all? I have countless smaller ones with either blurry text, or nothing written on.

Best Answer

8p2 = 8.2 pF

n51 = 0.51 nF

220 pF

180 pF

560 pF

82 pF