Electronic – Identifying SMD component 22P W8


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enter image description here

I've been trying to identify a component on a main board for a TV that I believe to be faulty. As I haven't been able to come up with anything that I feel confident about, I'm hoping to get some guidance.

I believe the package to be a SOT23-3.

The markings look like 22P W8.

22P might indicate a JFET and W8 could be a zener diode.

It's located in the path between the +12V coming from the PSU going to 4 pins on the LVDS connector going to the 12VIN on the T-Con board.

There seem to be a crack in the package and the voltage going to the LVDS is unstable and changes when pressure is put on the component. So I don't know what use measurements of the component will be.

Best Answer

That is a Diodes Inc. DMP2215L, a P-Channel MOSFET from August 2009.

Datasheet here.

From the bottom of the first page you can see how the topcode works. 22P is the chip type, while W8 is the date code.

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