Electronic – Is it a good idea to connect PC to a non-isolated DC supply

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I am working on an AC Voltmeter. The supply to the microcontroller is not isolated. Only a bridge rectifier is used convert AC to DC. To get 5V, resistors are used to drop down the voltage.

Is it a good idea to connect the debugger to a PC and microcontroller when AC is present? I want to debug my code, and without the presence of AC supply, I can't sense the voltage and I'm unable to debug the problem.

Will connecting non-isolated 5V and Ground to the PC have any effect on PC? Will it give shock while connecting?

Best Answer

It's never a good idea to touch and perform experiments on any non-isolated supply. You might get an electric shock. Also, in case of occurrence of a mainline fault or some voltage surges, your computer, and the microcontroller too can get hanged or eventually damaged too. Thus, never work on a non-isolated supply. It's always better to use some sort of isolation transformers to be in safe working premises.