Electronic – Is it possible to make a USB device that would alter mouse data on the fly

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I have a friend who is struggling to find mouse drivers/manufacturers that support various options for dyslexia. Inverting the X and Y axes are a simple feature that most programs and drivers are ignorant of.

The thought occurred to me that it might be possible to construct a small USB device (similar to a thumb drive or PS/2 adapter) that a user could plug a USB mouse into and, using a couple of DIP switches, invert one or both axes.

I have a basic familiarity with programming (C#/C+) and electronics, but am not sure if there is a standard protocol for USB mice.

I'd prefer to avoid using a serial converter (though I know it has a more or less standard protocol). Has anyone used USB mice with a custom electronics project, or can explain whether constructing a USB-to-USB adapter to invert movement is possible?

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While this is probably far from the cheapest or most elegant solution, it is one that will give you great flexibility.

An Arduino single board computer can look to a Windows host computer like a Human Interface Device (HID), in other words a mouse. It is not limited to mice however; keyboards and other devices are HID as well.

You could hook a serial mouse directly to the Arduino's serial port or if you prefer to use a USB mouse you could connect it to the Arduino via a USB host shield.

Since you can program the Arduino in C you can translate any sorts of inputs from the mouse into any commands you like going to the PC. You could for example translate a triple click of the right mouse button into a keyboard input command, the sky is the limit.

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