Is soldering wires directly on a NiMh battery safe


I'd like to know if soldering two wires directly on a NiMh battery is considered as safe or not.

enter image description here

My fear is that battery would explode (right in my face) because of excessive heat caused by the soldering iron. Other possibility would be the battery slowly inflating and then spreading toxic fumes (or corrosive materials) trough a hole (like a capacitor under excessive voltage).

The battery I want to use is made of 10 units of 1.2V (thus generating 12V)

Best Answer

It's probably safe enough from your point of view, but not from the battery's. You really shouldn't solder to batteries unless they explicitly have solder tabs for that purpose. Most batteries, and NiMH are no exception, are damaged by soldering temperatures.

The way to make a permanent connection to a battery that doesn't have solder tabs is to use spot welding. This presses the battery terminal and the contact together, then zaps them by discharging a capacitor thru this connection. That heats the two parts enough for a little metal to melt and bond. However, the zap is very short and localized, so the total energy is low and high temperatures diffuse well before they get to sensitive parts of the battery.

Note that no solder is evident in the picture you show. That is because the tabs were spot welded, not soldered.