Electronic – Is the oscilloscope working or not


I bought today a very old second hand oscilloscope (Philips PM 3253), see picture below.enter image description here

I put the probe into a +5v circuit before a LED inside an Arduino breadboard (and checked with a multimeter +5v was on that circuit).

However, whatever knobs I turn or switches on the oscilloscope I set, the horizontal line always stays in the middle (except when I change the position knob on the bottom left).

It's my first-ever oscilloscope … what switch/knob should I set to get a reading of +5v … or is the oscilloscope broken?

@Update: It works now (sort of). I noticed there was a multiplication of 10 switch on the probe itself (so the difference between 0 and +5v was not visible), and had to change the main amplitude knob and the inner knob (whatever it means) and also the 0 X B Bal knob …

But the most important is, that it works, now I have to learn what all knobs mean 🙂

I made a new question, since I got some major problems using it:
Oscilloscope makes my mains (fuse box) group go down (maybe problem solved)

Best Answer

Try moving the switch above your probe to DC