Electronic – popular small signal PFET equivalent to NFETs 2N7000 or BS170


Some days ago I was considering using a small signal P-Channel MOSFET in a design of mine, but could not find a suitable part.

The specs I was looking for were something like the following:

  • \$I_D = -500mA\$ (continuous drain current)
  • \$V_{GS} = -5V\$ (gate-source voltage, for \$5V\$ logic level)
  • \$V_{DS} = -12V\$ (drain-source voltage)

I was expecting to find a popular P-Channel counterpart of N-Channel 2N7000 or BS170 in a TO-92 package, that may be in everybody's bins, just like BJT NPN/PNP pairs BC547/557 and BC337/327, but could not find it. I could just find vendor specific P-Channels in SMD packages.

Is there a popular counterpart for 2N7000 or BS170? If not, why not?

Best Answer

That is called a complementary transistor.

BS250 is complementary to 2N7000.

Check this list for PFETs with the characteristics you want. However I don't know what popular transistors you'll find there.

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