Electronic – ny bidirectional 5v-3.3v level shifter


Is there any IC that interfaces any 3.3V Input/Output to 5V Output/Input? I need it primarily for an Arduino Due but if there any bidirectional IC that works like that it would be great.

Some people advised me to use the SN74AHC125 and CD4050 ICs, but I don't understand how they work or how to interface with them.

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A very simple bidirectional level translator can be made with a single N-mosfet:

enter image description here

The mosfet used should be a model with a low Vgs threshold, so that it can have a relatively low Rds-ON (ON resistance) at the intended input voltage level (3.3v in this case).
BSS138 in one such example, it has a Vgs-th of 1.5v max and is specified to have a low drain-source resistance with Vgs voltages as low as 2.5v (maybe slightly lower too).

The shown example uses 3.3v <-> 5v translation but it can also work with 2.5v <-> 3.3v or 2.5v <-> 5v, even between 2.5v <-> 12v. The range is only limited by the characteristics of the mosfet used.

The shown circuit is based on an application note from NXP
AN97055 Bi-directional level shifter for I2C-bus and other systems
New shorter version: AN10441 Level shifting techniques in I2C-bus design

When L1 is high (3v3) or floating R1 keeps the mosfet off so R2 pulls the drain side high (to 5v).

When L1 is pulled low then the mosfet conducts and the drain becomes low.

When a low level (0) is applied to H1 then that voltage is transferred through the substrate diode to the source side (L1)

Please note that the resistance size can affect the speed (image source)

enter image description here

Alternative transistor solution enter image description here

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