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My company have thousands of new Li Ion battery that is stored in ambient temperature for 3 years. Middle management then decided to manufacture products with these batteries.

I had already tested them, their current capacity drop to 85% rated. Then the management guys blurt out batteries can be recondition again and can be use as new batteries.

We have one of our product catches fire and the contract manufacture blame the batteries that we put in are too old. Which is why the management guys want to "recondition" them. Is there such thing as reconditioning batteries or is just a myth?

Best Answer

Some Lead Acid batteries and Nickel-Cadmium cells can be reconditioned.

I have never seen such claims for Lithium based batteries.

Lithium based batteries age even when they're not used (as you found out). Some batteries suffer more from this than others ! Their chemical structure changes in a way that cannot be restored. So in my opinion the marketing guys talked nonsense.

To be absolutely sure ask the battery manufacturer about the shelf life of their batteries. They have an interest in selling you new batteries of course so they might be inclined to say you need new ones. So I'd ask them how long their batteries last in storage and how they need to be stored.

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