Electronic – Looking for OP-Amp with good rail to rail performance, 5V to 0V


There are thousands of OP-Amps on Farnell's website, so I thought asking the stack-exchange community might be a good idea. I am looking for an OP-Amp for use in my project.

I currently have an OP-Amp, but it hasn't quite performed as well as I had hoped. The problem I have is that it won't drive its output lower than about 0.8 V and won't drive higher than 4.2 V. I am running this device from 0 V and 5 V rails.

The reason for the choice of power supply is to prevent signals outside of this range from damaging an ADC I am using. The ADC's analog input must remain within the 0 V to 5 V range.

I am processing audio signals, so other desirable things include slew rates of ~0.4 V/us or greater, bandwidth of 20 kHz or greater, and ideally in the standard pin arrangement for DIP 8 packages. (I call it a standard arrangement: VCC is pin 5, ground is pin 4, the output 1 is pin 1, v-1 is pin 2, v+1 is pin 3, output 2 is pin 6, v-2 is pin 7 and v+2 is pin 8.)

Is there anyone who knows of a device they could suggest? Any other advice would be welcome.

Edit: I should mention that I have found the device MCP6002, which I think would be an improvement, does this look like the sort of thing I might want to use?

Best Answer

Best in class input/output rail-to-rail op. amps.:

  • OPA350 (includes DIP-8)
  • OPA333 (Non DIP).

Also, a lot of other great features. See the datasheets.