Electronic – LPC1343 double pin functions


I was looking to create a LPC1343 development board, but I noticed something odd.
If you look at the pinout for this MCU you can see double functions for some pins. This is common, so you can program a pin to use for a particular function. But here is the weird thing. Pin 3 on the LPC1343 says: "RESET/PIO0_0". Now I'm confused. How can a reset pin also be a I/O pin? I can't find anything about it in the datasheet.

LPC1343 pinout
LPC1343 pin description

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

Looking in the user manual if actually found the pin function register. You can, just like the other pins, switch the function via this register. Which I still find odd, because you wouldn't be able te reset the MCU anymore using an external pin. But apparently they did design it this way.

PIO0_0/RESET pin function register