Electronic – Magnet in the generator


I'd like to know if there is some magnet in the rotor or in the stator of the generator? Or neither of those (rotor & stator) need a magnet for the current to flow?

Best Answer

Depends on the type of electrical machine. All electrical machines can operate as Generators & Motors.

An electrical machine is an electrical <-> kinetic energy converter which utilises magnetic fields. The real question is by what means does the stator & rotor generate its magnetic field.

Types of electrical machines

Brushed DC

  • Stator: Wound or permanent magnet
  • Rotor: wound

Induction Machine

  • Stator: Wound
  • Rotor: Wound

Synchronous machine

  • Stator: Wound
  • Rotor: Wound or permanent magnet

Brushless DC or AC (these are sync machines)

  • Stator: Wound
  • Rotor: Permanent magnet

Switched Reluctance

  • Stator: Wound
  • Rotor: neither

This is ignoring inside out machines.

For higher power generators however, national grid type machines, the topologies of these machines are wound rotor synchronous machines