Electronic – Make a Negated General Impedance Converter

analogimpedancetransfer function

A General Impedance Converter (GIC) looks like this:

enter image description here
Source: http://www.ee.nmt.edu/~wedeward/EE212L/SP15/ImpedanceConverters.html


$$Z_{tot} = \frac{Z_1*Z_3*Z_5}{Z_2*Z_4}$$

But I need a circuit that gives me \$ \frac{1}{Z_{tot}}\$

How would I create a circuit that gives me \$ \frac{1}{Z_{tot}}\$ for Zin?

(Or something like \$ Z_{in} = \frac{Z_2*Z_4}{Z_1*Z_3*Z_5}\$)

The problem is if I put an inductor on this circuit, I can't select a series of impedance's Z_1 through Z_5 using only resistors and capacitors to end up with a combined impedance of 1.

Best Answer

In theory, the inverse of the inverseconverse of the converse is the original impedance which was a filter with a bunch of RC's.

NIC Negative Impedance Converters give the negative of impedance , not the inversion.

enter image description here

The performance as shown would be highly vulnerable with stray coupling. Yet the desired or expected performance was never specified.