Electronic – more economical version of this powersource prototyper the CADET


This is what I want….problem is that they are expensive, really expensive ($500). Is there a more economical version?



* Expanded Removeable breadboard area
* Two open collector pulsers
* Built-in multi-waveform function generator
* Quad voltage power supply: Three DC & one low voltage AC
* Functions with optional electronics trainer boards
* Built-in logic probe with pulse capture
* BCD to 7 segment decoder/display
* 8 channel logic indicatorsSpecifications 

The C.A.D.E.T. II is a Complete Electronics Trainer that includes all the functions needed to teach basic AC/DC, Linear and Digital Electronics courses. The unit contains all the functions of our highly acclaimed original C.A.D.E.T. plus frequently requested features from educators worldwide.

The breadboard area is 33% larger than original C.A.D.E.T., holds up to 32 IC's and comes standard as a removable socket plate with velcro. If you prefer, it can be ordered withour bread boards for use with the extensive line of E&L Trainer Boards. The built-in logic probe will detect narrow logic pulses and eliminate the need for extra lab equipment. The BCD to 7 segment display/decoder saves students time when constucting circuits. The Quad Voltage Power Supply has +5 VDC, two variable DC outputs, and a fixed 12.6 VAC center tapped output. The trainer also includes 8 TTL compatible logic switches and two pulsers.

Best Answer

A similar but cheaper solution is Global Specialties PB-501 Logic Design Trainer $182.70.