Electronic – Name of connector for attaching to bolt


I have a heating element (essentially a very resistive wire) that has two threaded bolt-like connectors on each end. I want to avoid soldering any components of the heating element, so I asked a friend what would work best for this situation, as the heating element need to be connected to a power supply. He advised that I use two nuts on the bolt to hold what he called an "automotive connector" in place. He didn't know the actual name of this part, but described it as a washer with an extension off of one of the edges, where a wire can be soldered. I was hoping someone could tell me the name of this part, as I am looking for places to buy it.

Best Answer

If you mean this

enter image description here

it's called a cable lug. You usually don't solder them, but insert the cable/wire and use a crimping tool to fix it to the lug.

They also exist with screw terminals:

enter image description here

or U-shape:

enter image description here