Electronic – NPN vs PNP current limiter


So I'm trying to design two mirroring current limiters for a +-15 volt power supplies.

I don't understand why these two circuits don't behave more like each other.
enter image description here

enter image description here

The PNP circuit has +15 on the top and ground on the bottom and

The NPN has ground on top and -15 at the bottom.

The npn limits at around 600mA which is what we expect ,but I'm not sure why the PNP is 450mA.

I don't understand why the Vbe on the PNP is only 0.46 V and not around 0.65.

Any comments are much appreciated.

Best Answer

Looking at the datasheet, we can get the current gain for both PNP and NPN:

enter image description here

It seems that the NPN variant gives sightly higher current gain than the PNP variant. There are more parameters that differ, probably the VBE, etc. which is a reason why both configurations won't give same results.

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