Electronic – “offset null” in IC 741


What is Offset null in 1st and 5th pin in IC 741 (Op-Amp)? Why it is used, though it is not used in many circuits? Give me explanation regarding the offset null!
Why offset voltage was formed in IC 741?

pinout diagram

Best Answer

The datasheet gives an example.

offset null circuit

By adjusting the pot we can null any offset error. An offset error is when the inputs are exactly equal but the output isn't exactly zero. This error is also characterized by the datasheet:

electrical characteristics

It can be safely ignored in AC applications, where this offset will be ignored by the AC coupling. It becomes more important in DC applications, especially amplifiers, since this DC error will be amplified by the next stage.

This offset voltage exists because a real omp-amp can't be ideal. There will always be some unintended asymmetries between due to random variation in manufacturing. In all cases, there are op-amp designs that can minimize these errors, but usually at the expense of some other parameter, like cost.