Electronic – parallel decoupling capacitors


In my circuit , I need decoupling capacitors , but my local shop doesn't have some values like 300nf so I need to put in parallel 3 of 100nf . the equivalent CAP would be 300nf but with multiple paths to GND (each is 100nf) .
So dose the equivalent CAP would work or it must be 300nf as one piece ?

NOTE : this decoupling capacitors are needed for Vi of 7805 REG .

Also I need a 15pf decoupling noise capacitors for DP,DM for USB but I only have (10pf , 5pf) and 12pf (dose 12pf work as a proximately value ? or this value is critical ?).

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Best Answer

In general, 3 100 nF capacitors could be a bit better than a single 300 nF capacitor.

Basically one of the major unwanted properties of capacitors is equivalent series resistance of the capacitor. When you have resistances in parallel, the equivalent resistance is decreased and same is true for ESR.