Electronic – Power and energy measurment for embedded system -help needed


I am trying to measure the power consumption of a low power embedded system. As the embedded system consumes current in random pulses from the battery pack, I am using an oscilloscope to analyze the signal. The blue graph represents current consumed over time.

enter image description here

I want to know how I can go ahead and find out power consumed with respect to the time varying current consumption graph.Various modules in the embedded system consumes current in varying random pulses and I have similar graphs for each operation. How can I accurately measure power consumed and eventually find energy for each specific operation?

Best Answer

Your Tektronix scope should have a math function. You can measure voltage and the representative current, multiply them and synthesize an instantaneous power trace. Then you can use the scope's RMS measurement capability to get average power, or just keep the peak power reading from the multiplication.