Electronic – Probably overheated black color SMD pads


Can you give me an advice what to do with probably overheated SMD soldering pads on the board?

The photo is of a computer bus card, where there are 4 SMD 0603 positions labeled R1 – R4. They are used for configuring the card frequency from 20 MHz to 40 MHz.
These positions should be bridged by 0 ohm resistors.

I wanted to reconnect the R2 and R4 positions. I used a soldering station with iron and controlled temperature and electrical 1mm thin solder. I set the temperature to 350 degrees Celsius.

I didn't have SMD resistors, so I used just thin wire as I have seen in a web page.
However it looks like I overheated the pads – they are a black color and I can't wet them any more with solder.

I know I should have better solder with hot air soldering unit and solder paste.

photo of resistors in the board

I found the same problem described in this forum thread http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=76132
The guy there wanted to increase frequency from 33 MHZ to 40 MHZ on the card but he destroyed the pad like me.
Then he found the right pins for R1 pads on ICS511 chip and reconnected the pins 6 and 7.
I say ok, 33MHz should be enough.
Now can you give me an advice how to solder two pins together ? Is it enough to use only small amount of solder or should i solder thin wire to the pins ?
What about using the electrical conductive wire glue ?
Or electrical conductive pen is enough ?

Best Answer

It appears from the picture that the pads have been completely destroyed and come off the board. The dark color that you see is the underlying raw circuit board material.