Electronic – Prototyping a part with 2mm spacing on 0.1″ matrix board


I have an Airwave AWM682RX 5.8GHz video received and matching AWM683TX transmitter module. Oddly, one has pins spaced at 0.1", the other at 2mm.

So, what's the best way to make a part with 2mm spaced pins fit on 0.1" matrix board?

Best Answer

The best way would be the adapter.

A quick way would be to take a dremel tool to the Vector board and route a slot. Epoxy the 2mm sockets to the board and then run jumper wires to Vector K24A pins.

If you do not have many pins you could take a wire-wrap header with 0.1" centers and bend the leads on one end to 2mm centers. Solder the socket to bent leads.