Electronic – Recommended PCB houses / Assemblers


Can anyone recommend a good place to go making PCB's? I'm particularly interested in places that also offer assembly, because this makes SMD parts an option.

  • GoldPhoenix is an option, but not the cheapest.
  • Anyone used OurPCB?
  • Any order time is OK- there is no particular rush, and the slowboat from China is just fine.

Best Answer

Assembly can get very expensive unless you are making 1K or more pieces. At 1K pieces the setup costs start to amortize to reasonable values. If you can get to 10K pieces then you could source the parts from China too.

I have had Gold Phoenix and E-Teknet quote on a job. They both had similar quotes. Since I only wanted to do 1K pieces the pricing did not work out and I did not do the project.

Neil Munzinger ( sales@e-teknet.com ) at E-Teknet was very responsive to my questions and made recommendations about cost saving opportunities. Unfortunately the numbers didn't work.