Electronic – Remote-debugging stm32f4


I'm rather unexperienced on the field of microcontrollers, I come from a Java background so the question might seem a bit noob but I didn't find much information on this.

So is it possible to debug an STM32F4 board via bluetooth (using eclipse or some othe IDE)? And if so could you send me some links that might help? We're building a robotic car controlled by a discovery board and debugging using an USB cable is not really an option if we don't want to disassemble the whole stuff every time something goes wrong. Hence this would really come in handy. So any help is appreciated

Best Answer

I highly recommend printf debugging for these sorts of applications. It takes a while to get the hang of, but it is a very powerful tool as all you need is a serial port and it doesn't interrupt the flow of the program. I did breakpoint debugging for a while on a robotics project and it was a real pain. The way the motor drive code was written, when you hit a breakpoint, the motors didn't stop so someobody would have to go grab the robot so it didn't crash. You don't have this issue with printf debugging. A pair of XBee modules was sufficient to get the serial data to a computer for review. It should be possible with bluetooth as well, but that also involves more overhead in terms of getting the modules configured correctly and paired with your computer.