Electronic – Replacing a schematic component by a connector


I'm currently designing a pcb in EAGLE (v7.4) for a school project and I've included a potentiometer for gain control. However, I will not be placing the potentiometer directly on the board. I want to connect it with a wire to board 1×3 molex connector. This is my current schematic:

enter image description here

I would like to replace my molex connector symbol with a potentiometer symbol. Is there a way to place virtual components (and replace them with my connector)? This would make my schematic more readable.


Best Answer

You should not do that.

The part that will be placed on the board is a connector.

If you gave the connector a potentiometer symbol, the layout designer would be surprised to find a connector footprint at that location. The people who build the board would be very confused when the part that arrived to be placed in that location turned out to be a connector. People debugging the board would be confused to find a connector there instead of a potentiometer, etc.

If you want the schematic to be clear, you should add the value of the pot to the text where you currently have "Off board potentiometer". If you really want a visible clue about the connections of the potentiometer, you could add a symbol, purely using drawing elements showing which pins connect to the ends and the wiper.