Electronic – Resources to understand robot locomotion and Gait functions


Recently I have been watching Robert Full's talks on TED. He has some obscenely interesting works on robot locomotion. This has intrigued my curiosity and I have been trying to understand his works. I have tried to read many papers on these type of works but I have been unable to understand as I don't have the basics of these things.

Can anyone please direct me to a resource (ebooks, websites, video/audio lectures, forums etc.) where I can understand the basics of Robot Locomotion and gait functions?

Best Answer

Here's one source - Tilden's BEAM/Solarbotics stuff tends to be low-power, low-tech, but the flip side of this is that it is simple. I believe he even had a six-leg gait generator built using a single hex-inverter chip. A quick googling produced


Also, Valentino Braitenberg's "Vehicles" is a completely amazing book where the starting point is a simple reflexive control system and as the book progresses, increasing complexity is added. Google for 'braitenberg vehicles' and you will also find a simulator related to the book.