Electronic – Save energy with PIC project


I want to implement a device with 2 push buttons. When I press the first button, it will increment a counter. When I press the second, the number of times the first one was pressed (counter content) will be displayed in an LCD screen.

I want to use a PIC microcontroller and save as much power as possible in order to extend battery life. I think one good way is to put the system in sleep mode when nothing happens and when I press the first button, wake the system up. Is this better to implement with interrupts or is there another way? Also if someone has a better idea that will save energy, please share with me.

Best Answer

Yes, interrupts and sleep mode are the best way of doing this. There is a list of ways to minimise PIC energy consumption in an app note: http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/devicedoc/01146b_chapter%202.pdf