Electronic – Should a soldering iron have a grounded plug


I'm talking about the plug–not the tip so it's not a duplicate question.

I'm interested in buying the folowing soldering iron (https://www.amazon.de/VicTsing-einstellbarer-Temperatur-Entlötpumpe-verschieden/dp/B01HTIY61E/), however I noticed it's using a Europlug without ground (only 2 pins). Would that be fine or dangerous?

Thanks for the info!

Best Answer

This might not be dangerous to you, but it might be dangerous for static-sensitive components you will try to solder. Although the AC is isolated from soldering tip, it is not a good practice to leave the iron tip floating. Upon handling and cord movement, the tip might accumulate electric charge, and then will discharge into ESD-sensitive component during solder touch. Normal (even cordless, like Weller WSMC1) irons do have a special provisions for a lead to have the iron grounded. The iron you are considering is not listed as "ESD safe".