Electronic – Single Phase Induction Motor Wiring help


I have purchased a Single Phase Induction Motor that runs anti-clockwise, I require it to run clockwise however I am unable to figure how to change the wiring to do this, any help would be appreciated.


Worth noting, if I fully remove the starting capacitor, the motor starts in anti-clockwise even if I give it a spin clockwise before switching it on.

enter image description here

Best Answer

In order to reverse a single phase motor, the main winding must be reversed with respect to the auxiliary winding and series capacitor circuit. The change is done by moving the links so that the connection one pair of wires is transferred from one of the incoming power lines to the other. A second pair of wires remains connected to the same power line as before. The nameplate shows the links moved from U!-V1 & U2-Z2 to U1-Z2 & U2-V1. The line between V2 of the left (CW) diagram and Z2 if the right (CCW) diagram is an error.

The linked terminals should have the two incoming power wires and four other wires connected to them. Otherwise, the motor can't be reversed the way the nameplate shows.