Electronic – Surface Mount Resistor Clip


I have a goofy idea: a user is given a PCB and a pack of surface mount metal film resistors. To configure the board's settings, the user places various combinations of resistors into several 'sockets' or little clips on the board which surface mount resistors fit in in the same fashion as batteries in a battery holder.

Are there any current components that could make such a 'socket'? If not, how could this effect be achieved? I have thought about soldering two small spongy-like conductive blocks with grooves in them to the board and inserting the resistor between them and using tin foil or even a solid block and an oval wheel that rotates and locks the resistor in place but all seem a little complicated compared to two memory-metal contacts.

Best Answer

A similar system to what you describe exists for fuses made by litelfuse. I don't see any reason why a similar socket couldn't be used for resistors

littelfuse 2A SMT clip system

You can also get test sockets for resistors and caps if thats more what youre looking for

Test Sockets