Electronic – technology to search small objects like pendrive, key-chains etc


I am a web developer by profession. few days back I lost 8gb pen-drive 🙁 I don't it is in home or somewhere else…. So now I am thinking of a device which can be attached with small objects so that their location can be detected …like

Clap of sound
Amplitude modulator transmitter attached to pen drive which can transmit special signals
Or any Bluetooth detector ….which can be used from mobile to detect

any thing I don't know

It should be effective , energy efficient and small

Can you suggest any thing :/

I was searching for sound and AM transmitter ….

Best Answer

There are a few commercial devices to find lost remotes, keys, and other small items. They usually work by having a small radio frequency (RF) receiver that uses a button cell and attaches to the item intended to be found. (It's similar to a keyless entry fob for your vehicle.)

When the item goes missing, the user presses a button on a base station (or sometimes another remote-size thing; which I suppose could also get lost, but that's another subject...). When the receiver picks up the signal, it emits a beep and/or flashes a light, etc.

Bluetooth is only designed for about 10 meter (30 ft) range, but higher power Bluetooth devices could have ranges up to 100 meters (300 ft).

Some commercial products that are similar to your need:

And a discussion about a device that might respond to sound instead of RF: