Tips for Stripping and Soldering Thin Wires


Any tips for stripping and soldering thin, tiny wires like these below, (maybe even thinner!)?

enter image description here

Initially, I would think of using a knife for stripping because wire strippers will definitely not work. Then with soldering, too large solder flows are highly unwanted. Someone recommended to heat a small bit of solder onto the soldering iron tip and then letting it flow to the joint. Any recommendations? Thank you!
enter image description here

Best Answer

I've used a high wattage soldering gun and just burned the enamel off, then clean it up. Tin it when it was all clean.

Commercial enamel wire strippers are available.

Something to experiment with would be dipping the wire in acetone. I would do this far away from a heat source!

You are correct though, using an Xacto knife or sandpaper will ruin the integrity of the wire by creating very small nicks in the copper.