Electronic – this Externally-Triggered Fuse


In the datasheet for an overvoltage protector (TI BQ771815) there is a device I don't recognize:


It is used in the datasheet as a fuse which can be opened by an external signal from the overvoltage protector (in this case, by pulling the signal connection to ground). It is used to protect Lithium battery packs. This is from Page 10 of the BQ771815 datasheet:


What is this device called? Who produces them?

Best Answer

This element is called Self Control Protector (SCP) and is produced for example by Dexerials

enter image description here

When the heater is activated and melts fuse element to stop overcharging, the flow of electric current through the heater stops as soon as the charging circuit is cut off.

(Source: e2e.ti.com and Dexerials.jp)