Electronic – this strange long wire for in a single induction cooking unit


Tonight I dismantled one of those single induction hobs:

Prolectrix Induction Hob

Inside there were two PCBs. The incoming mains was wired to the top left PCB, while the other contained all the low voltage components, plus some more high voltage parts.

Inside induction hob

There are two white wires connecting the two PCBs. One is short, as you would expect. The other is much longer, and part of it is covered in heat proof braid, and is held down by a loop of metal.

What is the reason for this piece of wire being so much longer and covered in heatproof braid?

Best Answer

My guess is that there is a thermistor or other heat sensor under the braid. This sensor could be used as a safety device to prevent a fire if the temperature gets too high. It might even just be a thermal link that melts if it gets too hot and removes power from the hob.