Electronic – TI Launchpad USB serial comms in OSX


Has anyone managed to get a TI Launchpad doing serial comms via the onboard USB chip (TUSB3410) to OSX?

I have mspdebug working for uploading code. But to get serial I'm having to plug an FTDI chip into the serial lines on the MSP430.

Does anybody have instructions for making the TUSB3410 work properly in OSX?

They claim to have drivers, but I can't make them work.

Best Answer

The drivers for the TUSB3410 for Mac OS X are still in beta. You should consider contact TI about this and maybe they can try to fix your problem. Even if they aren't currently interested in pushing the Mac side, the more interest they get from Mac users the more likely they are to do something.

I also found a few comments about how there are open source version of the driver, but was unable to find any of them. Maybe you will have better luck looking for them.