Electronic – TP4056 module parallel output


this is my first time asked on stack exchange, please bear bare with me.
Anyway, I created portable monitor using multiple TP4056 as battery charger & protection circuit. But I'm not sure it's safe or not.

this is the wiring diagram :
enter image description here

enter image description here

why I wired this way? Apparently the monitor needs more than 5 Watt, and using 1 TP4056 can't give enough power. (the monitor needs 12 volt). So far my solution works, but I worried about the safety.

what I'm asking is this solution safe?

Thank you

edit 2:
To power up 12 volt monitor, I stepped up the output from TP 4056 (from around 3-4 volt) using XL6009 module to 12 volt. As you can see, the module located under the batteries.

Best Answer

The cutoff voltage is a trade-off between maximum current capability and battery under-voltage protection, at high currents (which is your case) the battery voltage can drop down to 2.5V even the battery is not over-discharged but this wasn't your question

There is nothing that forbids you to use this configuration, I actually used-it for a two batteries / two TP4056 configuration.