Electronic – Transformer with hysteresis in LTspice


I would like to model a transformer in LTspice with hysteresis and saturation (or just hysteresis would be nice). I have already tried the Chen model which I don't like and tried to model a regular transformer with the inductor parameters found here but got an error.

Here is an example of my LTspice netlist

.param Is=2A a=3
.param Ind 1000mH 
K2 L4 L3 1
L4 0 N008 {2*Ind} Ipk=2 Rser=10
L3 0 N007 flux={Ind*Is}*tanh((x/{Is})**{a})**{1/a} Ipk=2 Rser=110

I get an error that says: mutual inductance statements aren't supported between arbitrary inductors

My question is: is there some way to combine an ideal transformer and a non-linear inductor to make an accurate model and simulate in LTspice?
Are there other ways to effectively model a transformer with hysteresis in spice?

Best Answer

I found a great article at this site to model transformers. It explains

"The work of Hsu, Middlebrook and Cuk 2 develops the relationship of leakage inductance, showing that relatively simple measurements of input inductance with shorted outputs yield the necessary model information."

They developed this for IsSpice, but it could be applied anywhere. Here is the spice code for a saturable core (just in case the link goes down) enter image description here Here is an included picture of the model enter image description here This is a graph of a modeled core: enter image description here

And here is the reference for the paper the article was based on: TRANSFORMER MODELING AND DESIGN FOR LEAKAGE CONTROL Shi Ping Hsu, R.D. Middlebrook and Slobodan Cuk, Power conversion International, pg. 68, Feb, 1982