Electronic – Transformer with sources on both sides


enter image description here

Please explain me the results of this problem. Here both sources are supplying active and reactive power to the transformer.

So, both sources are creating core flux together ?

Till now the flow was simple for me. Like

  1. Primary source supplies magnetizing current

  2. Magnetizing current sets up the core flux N1I0

  3. As load is connected, load current increases which creates an opposing flux N2I2 decreasing the core flux.

  4. Now as the core flux decreases, E1(induced emf in primary side) decreases.

  5. As E1 decreases. I1=(V1-E1)/Z1 increases. So, N1I1 increases.

  6. N1I0=N1I1-N2I2. Thus, the net flux remains constant in the core.

But I am not able to understand the flow in case of 2 sources.

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