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I want to make a Transistor based Push Pull Stage to drive a 30V Mosfet.

uC GPIO drives the transistor stage with 3.3V and GND to Turn On and Turn Off the Mosfet.

In datasheet, Mosfet has a 1.5V to 2V Threshhold voltage range.

The Problem is:

When GPIO turns the NPN Transistor ON to Turn ON the Mosfet, Gate has maximum 2.7V because of base-emitter diode and this 2.7V is not sufficient to drive Mosfet in Saturation region to allow sufficient current through Load.

I suspect it could also raise the Temperature of Mosfet being driven in Ohmic Region.

My question is:

how could I have more voltage on Gate ? or should I search another Mosfet with very low threshhold voltage ?

Thanks for your suggestions.


Mosfet replaced with that of one with lower threshold voltage.

NPN and PNP transistors changed with those having integrated biasing resistors as well.

Best Answer

Get hold of a MOSFET driver like the IR2110 and ditch the BJTs because that circuit will never perform well.

enter image description here

I'm sure you can find a single channel version of a similar device.