Electronic – Understanding why use Laplace transforms for circuits

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I am an Electrical Engineering student and in my Circuits class, I learned that using Laplace transforms is helpful while analyzing circuits. I see how it makes our calculations easier but I still don't get the intuition behind it. If someone can explain me that/point me to some links that explain the big idea behind using Laplace transforms. Also I don't get why we change s to jw when looking at impedances.

Best Answer

For the domain of circuit analysis the use of laplace transforms allows us to solve the differential equations that represent these circuits through the application of simple rules and algebraic processes instead of more complex mathematical techniques. It also gives insight into circuit behaviour.

There are many different transform possible and s domain analysis is useful and perhaps easier to to teach that other techniques often before the full use of complex analysis is embraced. It doesn't make it any less powerful or useful, just well suited to the problem at hand. Often laplace transforms are taught even before differential equations are fully embraced so it is a complementary approach.